Event registration: "Big data Analytics and Machine Learning Meets Omics"
Event Timing: 9.15 am - 4.30pm on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018
Event Address: Gallery, Foresight Centre, University of Liverpool
Organisers: Prof Andy Jones, IIB (andrew.jones@liverpool.ac.uk); Dr Vitaliy Kurlin, Computer Science and Materials Innovation Factory (vkurlin@liverpool.ac.uk)


The University of Liverpool recently launched the Genomes to Life research theme (https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/research/our-research/genomes-to-life/) to act as a focal point for world leading research in multi-omics, computational and systems biology, applied to research in areas including Personalised health, infectious disease, food security and materials.

The Liverpool Big Data Network (LBDN, https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/liverpool-big-data-network/) is a collection of researchers interested in the application and development of methods for big data analysis. Areas of interest include computational e.g. Bayesian statistics, machine learning, data visualisation, streaming and batch analytics. The LBDN is part of Liverpool’s Digital research theme (https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/research/our-research/digital/).

This event is intended to bring together researchers from across the Liverpool with an interest in omics and those with expertise in Big Data methods (data science, analytics, machine learning) to foster new collaborations.

The event will be followed up with a student summer school, in which 6 funded students from a big data analytics background will work on shared problems in Omics, with joint supervision from PIs with different research areas.


Morning session - short talks from investigators working in omics and in machine learning or data analytics.

Networking lunch

Afternoon session - round table discussions about biological problems, followed by round tables on ML/analytics techniques.

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