TWMS Peer Inclusion Team (PIT Crew) Special Elective Application - 2023/2024
Special Elective applications are due on or before February 24th.
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I work well with other students.
I am eager to help others.
I am organized, reliable, and responsible.
I am a positive role model for other students.
I feel comfortable participating in the following activities, if chosen for PIT Crew. *
Why do you want to be a part of PIT Crew? *
Do you have any previous experience working with people with disabilities?  If so, please describe. *
What personal strengths, talents, or skills do you possess that you think you can use to assist students with disabilities? *
By submitting this application, I have discussed this request with my parent and/or guardian and agree to all requirements for this special elective.  I am aware that submitting this application DOES NOT mean I will be accepted into the class. *
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