FBF Doll Request - CANADA Region
Please fill out this form completely and send the photos as requested below to Susan Johnston, the Crafty Canucks Team admin, at FBFdolls.CANADA@gmail.com.

Feel Better Friends dolls are 100% donated to children who have cancer or other illnesses. As you can imagine, there is a HIGH demand for these comforting dolls. Our team of volunteers will do everything we can to get your FBF doll to his or her new home as soon as possible, but please allow several days, weeks, and sometimes months for us to create your custom doll.

If you feel that your situation is a rush, please let us know, and we’ll do everything we can to get it to you sooner. For questions, comments or donation information please visit us at www.FBFdolls.org.

Region *
Confirmation the doll will be shipped to the correct region. If you are not requesting a doll for Canada, please visit fbfdolls.org to find the correct region.
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In order to cut down on your wait time, please acknowledge and/or respond to emails received by the volunteer that is making your child's new friend.
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Child's Name *
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Child's Age *
FBF dolls are for children 16 and under only.
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Gender *
Eye Color *
The colors listed are the standard plastic doll eyes we have in stock. If you would like a different eye color, we may have to special order it or stitch the eyes on instead.
Safety Eyes or Stitched Eyes *
Please note that our standard eyes are called plastic safety eyes that are commonly used on stuffed animals but can be a choking hazard for babies, small children, or children with developmental disabilities. Please let us know if we should stitch the eyes on instead.
Desired Skin Tone *
Please reference yarn swatches below. The actual yarn color used may look slightly different than shown here due to availability to each FBF doll maker.
Natural Hair Color *
Is the child bald? *
Does the child wear a wig? *
Please choose between the following for your FBF doll *
This question is to ensure that we make your FBF doll the way you hope it will be for the child. Please note that if the child is currently bald, we will be happy to attach their doll's hair after the child has finished treatments and their hair has grown back!
What is the child's favorite color (if known)
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Health Issue(s) *
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Any other noticeable characteristics that we should try to represent on the FBF doll?
This may include scars, glasses, freckles, dimples, beauty marks, etc.
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Does the child have any allergies to dogs, cats, or wool?
If yes, we will do our best to avoid these allergens while making your FBF doll.
Is your situation a rush?
Production time will vary based on our work load, the volunteer's schedule, and the amount of detail involved in your particular doll. Please allow several days, weeks, or sometimes months for your FBF doll to be completed. Please let us know if you consider your situation a rush and why, and we will do our best to get it delivered sooner.
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Would you like us to include a personalized note or message from you to the child?
If so please type your message below
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Are you able to make a donation to cover the cost of shipping? *
We ask for a $7-9 shipping and handling fee for U.S. shipping. International shipping ranges from $10-15. Eligible children will NOT be turned away, but as our volunteers are donating their time and materials, it is sometimes difficult for them to cover the cost of shipping as well. The Feel Better Friends project reimburses shipping for our volunteers strictly from fundraisers and the thoughtful donations of the public.
Shipping Information *
Include Name, Address, City, Province and Postal Code
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Is there a support page for the child via Facebook or other internet source?
If yes, please list the link below.
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Do we have permission to share the photos provided of the child on our Facebook page? *
Once you receive your Feel Better Friend, please send the volunteer or regional admin a picture of your child with his/her new friend, and you can also share how the Feel Better Friend has helped your child! We love to hear how Feel Better Friends are making a difference for children everywhere!!! Our Feel Better Friend volunteers are paid with accolades only, and every wonderful and positive comment that we receive keeps the fire lit to make even more children and their families smile...especially when it feels like there is not much to smile about! Please continue to raise awareness and spread the word about Feel Better Friends! We can only do this if donations continue to support our efforts. We will gladly share any websites you provide as well to give as much support to the child as possible.
Do you have a specific volunteer doll maker you would like to make your FBF doll?
If yes, please insert name below. We will do everything we can to match you with the person requested. If the specified volunteer is not available, another volunteer will take over.
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Do we have permission to share the photos provided of the child to our private group of volunteers? *
This will allow us to find the perfect match between the child and the volunteer doll maker so we can make the best custom-made FBF doll possible.
Is there anything else you would like us to know while making your FBF doll?
Feel free to include special interests, sports, hobbies, activities, favorite characters, etc.
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Child's need for FBF doll *
Please take a moment to explain how you feel a FBF doll will benefit the child and help them through their illness or condition. This will help us determine if the child qualifies for a FBF doll. Thank you!
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How did you hear about the FBF Doll project?
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*Please Provide at least 2 photos of the child as requested below.*
Send one close-up portrait showing eye and hair color, and any other unique characteristics such as dimples, freckles and beauty marks. The second photo should be a full body shot showing the child from head to toe in a favorite outfit. Additional photos are welcome. Please feel free to share photos that represent the child's illness or health issues. This is a great way for the doll maker to have a visual to best represent the child's needs in their FBF doll. Please name the photos as the child's name and send them to FBFdolls.CANADA@gmail.com
Have you emailed your photos? *
Please take a moment to send in your photos of the child to FBFdolls.CANADA@gmail.com
Photo Release - Be sure to send us a pic of your child with their new FBF! *
The Feel Better Friends Project anticipates having several opportunities to appear at charity events, fundraisers and festivals in order to spread the word to children and families in need of a custom-made doll. This message serves to ask you for permission to display printed images of your son/daughter and their Feel Better Friend doll at public events. Please note, we will not use your child's name or any images of your child that do not include their Feel Better Friend Doll. Your response of "yes" will serve as your permission. If you'd rather the project not use your son/daughter's image, please respond with a "no" and we will make a note of this for future projects as well. Thank you!
I have read the Feel Better Friend Policy and Disclaimer *
I understand and agree to release Feel Better Friends and all of our volunteers from responsibility from any possible injury that my child may receive from using this product. *
Electronic Signature: By typing your name below, you are confirming that you are an adult friend or family member over the age of 18 and that all information supplied to Feel Better Friends is truthful and accurate. *
We can only accept requests and photos from an adult friend or family member of the child.
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Feel Better Friends Policy & Disclaimer
The Feel Better Friend project is composed of a group of volunteers who freely give their time and resources to helping sick children that find themselves surrounded by doctor's visits and hospital stays. Our administrators monitor e-mail accounts, websites, and they process applications in order of submission. We will not fill a request without an acknowledgement that you have read this document and agree to release us from responsibility from any possible injury that your child may receive from using this product.
How We Arrange for a Feel Better Friend for Your Child
1) An administrator will send out an e-mail acknowledging your request and will give you an estimated time frame of your waiting list time.

2) An administrator will work to locate a Feel Better Friend volunteer for you. This can take time, so please be patient! Feel Better Friend custom-made dolls are in high demand at the moment.

3) Volunteers will hand-craft a custom made doll, just for your child. If at all possible, the volunteer will include medical equipment or health issues such as leg braces, scars, trachs, G-tubes, NG-tubes, boots and bars, and even wigs!! To keep this process moving smoothly, we encourage you to check your emails frequently during this time period... volunteers may be asking you specific questions to make sure your custom-made doll is JUST right for your child! We understand that your time is very limited, especially with doctor's visits and hospital stays, but please respond to, or at least acknowledge, any emails you receive from the volunteer as quickly as you can.

4) The Feel Better Friend is then shipped to you.

Feel Better Friend Processing Time
Please be patient with us while you are waiting for your child’s Feel Better Friend. The full process might take 3-4 weeks, or even 3-4 months, depending on the length of the specific region's waiting list. Sometimes, we are lucky and can get your child's new friend out sooner, but there are no guarantees. Sometimes, it can take even longer. We do our very best to make the kids wait no longer than around 4-6 weeks, but again, there are NO guarantees. If you feel your child needs the doll sooner, please be sure to explain that this is a rush request in the form above, and the administrator for your region will make every effort to get your child a new friend as quickly as possible.
Feel Better Friend Limitations
Donated Feel Better Friends are given once in a lifetime. If your child’s medical equipment or health issues change and you would like a new Feel Better Friend, you may purchase a custom made doll from a list of our volunteers that have businesses outside of their work with this organization. Please contact fbfdolls@gmail.com for a list of these volunteers. You can also be on the lookout for our annual Amigurumi Auction Fundraiser, another resource to purchase one of these beautiful custom-made dolls for a great cause!! Feel Better Friends are intended for children that are physically ages 16 and under.
Shipping Costs
To pay for shipping costs and any optional donation amounts for your child’s Feel Better Friend, you can head on over to http://fbfdolls.org/get-involved/donate/

Since this is paid to PayPal directly, your credit card number is not given to us. It is very safe and you do not need a PayPal account to do it.

Additional Donations
It’s easy to make a donation to Feel Better Friends! Although we do not sell Feel Better Friends, we will accept monetary or supply donations if parents choose to make them. Monetary donations are used solely to help cover shipping costs for volunteers to send out Feel Better Friends. Supplies are distributed evenly among our volunteers that are in need and unable to afford materials. Donations are not necessary to receive a Feel Better Friend for your child, but we accept them to continue helping our volunteers!

We do have 501c3 non-profit status. Please let us know at the time of your donation if you need a receipt.
Thank you for your request! Please remember to send the photos at this time. Save the files as the child's name and email them to FBFdolls.CANADA@gmail.com.
For questions, comments or donation information please visit www.FBFdolls.org or email us at FBFdolls.CANADA@gmail.com.
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