Dysart Swimming Lessons 2024
Lessons are sponsored by the City of Dysart. When scheduling swimming lessons, please be sure to consider your child's other summer activities to avoid conflicts.  All classes are held at the Dysart Aquatic Center.  Classes run Monday-Friday for two weeks; exception of Level 1, which is one week long. Classes are one hour.    

Complete Registration form by Sunday, May 19th

FEES:  Lessons are $35.00 for all classes, and includes all necessary fees (except for Level 1, which is $20.00).  Payments can be made online via our website (cityofdysartia.com), by dropping a check off at City Hall or mail payment to City of Dysart, PO Box 686, Dysart, IA, 52224, by May 19th. Lessons cannot be scheduled for your child if no payment has been received. If paying with cash, you will need to take the payment to the Clerk’s office to obtain a receipt. All payments need child's name clearly written in the memo of check or on envelope with cash. Checks payable to SUMMER SWIM LESSONS. No refunds will be issued. 

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Below lists the class your child is eligible to register for this summer; according to our records.  If you have any questions or feel our records are not accurate, please contact the Dysart City Clerk’s Office at 319-476-5690.

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Select the appropriate class for your child. If your child has never had swim lessons before, they will start at Level 1. For the beginner class, your child must be 4 years old by the date of the first class.

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Choose one Session you wish your child to attend.  We will try our best to accommodate these requests.  City Hall office will email you with your child(s) scheduled time. If classes are canceled due to weather, your child’s teacher will attempt to contact you if phone numbers are provided. There will be No classes on July 4th.
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The above-named person has my permission to take swimming and/or water safety instruction at the Dysart Aquatic Center.  I release the City of Dysart, and the Dysart Aquatic Center, Dysart, Iowa from any responsibility in connection therewith.  To my knowledge the above-named person does not have any physical or other disability that would interfere with safe participation in the activity. 

Type parent or guardian name and date to authorize permission.

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