OpenAAC Advocacy Pledge
Thank you for your interest in the work we are doing at! As part of our work we are collecting signatories for a non-binding agreement of principles. In exchange for making this pledge, we will provide you with an advocate badge you can share on your site/project as well as a dedicated landing page on outlining your project/group and your influence on the OpenAAC movement.

When you are ready, check the box below and then continue. We will ask for some basic information which we can use to populate the landing page for your site/project. If you are not interested in this, please at least give us your email address and the name of your project so we can keep a list of all agreeing parties.
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In an effort to improve outcomes for all communicators, I/We hereby express our belief in and support for the following principles outlined as part of the OpenAAC initiative. I/We believe that all individuals should be free to use technology-supported Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) as a valid and potentially-valuable option in the spectrum of communication, and I/we advocate for the mainstream acceptance and adoption of AAC best practices, regardless of vendor, brand or technology. I/We believe that individuals who use AAC as a component of their communication strategy should have flexibility in and control over all aspects of their communication modalities -- including their access methods, vocabulary set, symbol libraries, voice output, desired hardware, etc. I/We encourage business and software development practices that can reliably and sustainably support AAC users without unnecessarily limiting their freedoms of access, choice, and portability. I/We encourage the use of open standards and open-licensed materials for non-revenue-generating resources or where financially reasonable, with the end goal of improving communicator autonomy and extending access to a broader population of communicators. *
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