2019 Norfolk Arts Awards - The EDP People's Choice Award
This is an open awards category, enabling the general public to nominate and choose winners of The EDP People’s Choice Awards in the Norfolk Arts Awards, part of the annual Hostry Festival.

The public may choose a performer, writer, venue, festival, publication, programme, organisation, project, workshop, initiative etc, from any art-form.

• Nominees work must be based or their work must have taken place in Norfolk
• Nominations will be verified for authenticity.
• Voters will be able to nominate or vote only once in each round.

Checks will be made for duplicate voting.

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The NAA Judging Panel reserves the right to stop the nomination and voting process at any time if they feel it has become detrimental to the integrity of the Norfolk Arts Awards and/or the results have been corrupted in any way.

Thank you for placing your vote in the EDP People’s Choice Awards 2019

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