Please complete the school specific request form for your student no later than May 31, 2020. Please complete a separate request form for each student for whom you are requesting a refund. The participation fee less any balance due for other charges will be refunded within two to three weeks.

• Refund checks will automatically be mailed to parents of seniors less any balance due for other charges.

To roll the money forward to next year: No action is needed. This will happen automatically if no refund is requested. The dollar amount will be added to PowerSchool to be applied towards 2020-2021 participation fees. Participation fees for 8th graders from Taylorview will be rolled to Idaho Falls High School, and participation fees for 8th graders at Eagle Rock will be rolled to Skyline High School. Just a reminder, the dollar amount of the fee will be rolled forward, so students who paid less than $120 for spring sports may still owe a balance for the first sport in 2020-2021.
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