Kaputtmacher Session Application — March 16th 2020
Hello! We* are producing the Kaputtmacher Sessions (https://kaputtmacher.com/sessions). This is your chance to apply for our upcoming shoot on March 16th 2020 in Bochum, Germany.

What you are in for:

• Your Session gets released on the Kaputtmacher YT, alongside acts such as FJØRT, DONOTS, Lygo
• We will run promotions on our Social Media channels
• We provide you with with final audio and video, ready for Release on Spotify and others channels of your choice
• You'll be considered for upcoming compilations, if and when they'll get released
• Cost (for video + music production) is net 650€

The "don't say we didn't warn ya" disclaimer: This is live. We work hard to make every artist sound and look amazing as they are live, but you will not sound or look any more amazing than you actually are live. This is harder than playing a show and there is very little studio magic to save you. You need to be able to sing and play really well, while also looking good for the cameras that will be shoved in your face the whole time. DOES THAT SOUND LIKE FUN TO YOU? Well, alright then, go on.

Fill out the Form below to get this thing going. We'll wrap the applications up by late February and get back to all accepted applicants shortly after.

Questions? Don't hold back now, get in touch at jochen@kaputtmacher.com

*This is Kaputtmacher

Video Production – Björn Reschabek and Eike Sorgatz
Audio Production – Jochen Stummbillig
Audio Master – Philipp Welsing
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Demo / Recording of your Session Song *
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Lineup (relevant to your Session Song) *
i.e. "Toni: Vocals + Guitar, Simone: Keys (2 x mono XLR), Jerome: Drums + Vocals
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Alright: You are applying to perform a Kaputtmacher Session on March 16th in Bochum, Germany. The fee is 650€ net. You are able to perform live and look *amazing* while doing so. Does that sound like you? *
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