8th Life Regiment Civil War Wednesday Linebattle
Welcome to the 8th Life Regiment Civil War Wednesday Linebattle @ 8pm EDT/1am BST. This is a private event that will consist of Line Infantry, Skirmishing Company, Cavalry Company, and Artillery Company. Server info will be sent out in our Discord 5 minutes before event start. We expect your regiment to post numbers at 7:40pm EDT in our Discord. It is your job to get your regiment in the server in a timely fashion.
General Rules:
1. Regiment leaders are expected to [Enforce] all rules
2. No [VOIP spam] unless it is all charge
3. [Team Killing] on purpose is not allowed
4. Do not [Troll] or [Disrespect] individuals/regiments
5. Do not leave spawn before [Live].
Line Rules:
1. Do not Fire out of line [FOL]
2. Do not Fire while charging [FIC]
3. Do not Reload out of line [ROL]
4. You can [Reload March] as a line
5. Do not solo charge without a line [Rambo]
6. You must have 3 [Muskets] or two muskets and an officer to be a line, Aux does not count as a part of a line
7. 2 of each [Auxiliary/Sapper] class allowed per line
8. Allowed to crouch while not in [Combat] or in [Double Rank]
Artillery Rules:
1. Artillery is [Assigned] before event start
2. Max [5] men per artillery piece
3. Do not [Load] Arty before [LIVE]
4. Only [Cannoneers/Rocketeers] may use artillery pieces
5. Artillery is allowed to [Skirmish] around their [Active cannon] in [Compass range]
Skirmish Rules:
1. Skirms are [Assigned] before event start and [Allocated] a specific number of skims in the group (including the 1 Officer)
2. Minimum of [3] skirmishers to skirmish
3. Maximum of [5-man] spacing
4. Skirms must spawn as [Light Infantry] and are allowed 1 [Officer]
5. Do not fire while charging [FIC]
Cavalry Rules:
1. Cavalry is [Assigned] before event start
2. If cavalry Fall below [3] men, then dismount and join a line
3. Cavalry are bound to [Compass Range] of other cavalry units to fire and move while mounted.
4. Do not Fire while charging [FIC]
5. Cavalry can fire on the move as long as they are in compass range
6. Cavalry can dismount and skirmish within 5 man spacing
Mod Collection for Event:
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