Turkish Connexion In-person classes for children and teens Fall 2022.
Our in-person location for kids is Brooklyn, Park Slope. (On 13th street and corner of 5th ave) Our semesters are 12 weeks long. In-person classes will get 1hr 15 mins class time each week for 12 weeks (15hrs) and also get free 12 hrs online playtime.  We have 3 semesters during school year.  Playtime is scheduled on Mondays at 4:30pm 

Fee for in-person classes will be $750 for 12weeks semester.  

Online classes will get 12 hrs class time and 12 hrs free playtime. Fee is $500 per semester.

Additional kids or parents for adult classes will get %10 discount. 

Semester 1
September 12th- Dec 17th (13 weeks) 1 extra week for orientatıon
Nov 20-28 break
Dec 18th- Jan 1st break
Semester 2
January 2nd to April 1st (12 weeks)
February 18-24 break
Semester 3
April 2nd to July 8th (12 weeks)
April 8-14 break
May 26th- 30th break

We will have Summer camp during the Summer. 
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We are opening in-person classes on Saturdays and Sundays. Here are the time slots for both days. 10:00-11:15/ 12:00-1:15/1:30-2:45 We did not determine the levels yet but they will be between these slots. Please check any of the slots are good for you. You can check more than one box. Any of them are good, please check all of them. We might start earlier if there is a demand for earlier time.  *
Our semesters are 35 weeks long. In-person classes will get 1hr 15 mins class time each week for 35 weeks (44hrs) and also get optional 20 hrs online game time. We will share the game time schedule soon. Fee for in-person classes will be $2250 for 35 weeks. 3 installments are available. 
Online classes will get 35 hrs class time and 20 hrs optional game time. Fee is $1500. 3 instalments are possible. Additional kid and parent if they want to register our adult classes will get%10 discount.
We might increase the game hours if there is a demand. Are these reasonable to you?
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