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Our guiding faith commitments are grounded in a Lutheran/Christian understanding of God's gracious love for us and all creation. This understanding of grace compels us to welcome and engage a diverse and robust conversation of faith and learning across diverse faith traditions, including intentional interfaith dialogue. Students will receive many welcomes in their beginnings at Luther. College Ministries seeks to live out our faith with the core welcome, "There's a place for you here."

College Ministries 563-387-1040

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Interfaith Opportunities
Tuesday Silent Meditation
Pre-Ministry/Pre-Seminary Opportunities
Serve for the Common Good
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Luther Serves (community service opportunities)
Habitat for Humanity
Environmental Concerns
PRIDE (People for Right, Inclusion, and Diversity of Expression, LGBTQ and Allies)
PALS (mentoring area youth)
Belong in Community
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Outreach Teams (student-led teams share faith creatively with area congregations)
LC Student Congregation activities and events
Catholic Student Community
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
Lutheran Student Fellowship (LCMS)
Interfaith in Action (IFA)
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