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From time to time during the season, some players know they are not available for games. Teams are not able to reschedule games due to missing players, so instead we offer a Pool Player option. There is no cost for this.
What is a Pool Player?
If a coach knows they will be short players for an upcoming game, they are to let the player agent know and a player will be selected for the game. This pool player is from another team, and it gives them additional playing time and a chance to interact with other teams and players and play for different coaches.
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Typically you are a pool player in the same division as the normal season. Would you also like the opportunity to "play up" a division?
A few more items:
* Pool players are not allowed to pitch. * Minimum playing rules still apply. * Players wear their current jersey.
More info:
The player agent has the final say in who qualifies and who is selected. Coaches are not able to pick their pool players, they are randomly selected by the player agent. You may email playeragent@livermorelittleleague.com for any questions.
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