Involvement - Where are you and where do you want to be?
Use this quick self-assessment to determine and share what your goals are. Take your time or finish quickly. The following tool helps you and us better understand your intentions.

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Thank you for joining us in providing More Than Enough love and care for children from hard places and those who care for them. Until there are more loving families waiting for kids than kids waiting for families. Call us anytime. 937-335-3701.
Also! Text FOSTERMOVEMENT to 77222 if you'd like real-time opportunities to get involved. We are growing our communication platform so if we send out an opportunity to 500 people, and we only need 5 to respond, then we've raised awareness, gotten good people together, and filled a need.
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Respite Provider Information
Share what draws you into caring for these children or the families who serve them?
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Thanks for filling this out. Consider taking a deeper-dive into your inquiry. Below are videos of involvement at each stage of the pool. Please review at least one :)
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Relate (Child Mentoring or Supporting Foster Families)
Community Engagement - Speaking Up, Coordinating, Recruiting
Becoming a Foster/Respite/Adoptive Family
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