Consultations with Sheikh Babikir
Please allow 3-6 weeks (but may be much sooner, depending on his schedule) for a response and to arrange a meeting. Unless it is urgent then we will respond as soon as possible, God willing.

Do note that this system is to give everyone a fair chance at contacting Sheikh Babikir. Trying to contact him via friends and family is not actually the fastest way or organised. This system is in place so that Sheikh can respond to everyone fairly. Please respect the process.

Also for services for Sheikhs time and bookings for events please email the volunteers email for Sheikh's events at and we can send you the rate card, God willing.

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Sheikh is extremely busy and his schedule is likely to change at the last minute.
You may be contacted with only 48-hours notice for an appointment (if you are outside London you will be given at least a week).
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Again we will remind that it can take 3-6 weeks to reply and arrange a date. Please complete this form correctly so that we can arrange an appointment promptly.
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