Consultations with Sheikh Babikir
***Update 29th January 2020***
Sheikh is extremely busy at this time and you may only be given 24 hours notice for an appointment. We understand that this may not be convenient for everyone, but if you email in, Sheikh can recommend someone else of good standing and knowledge to assist you.

Please note that this system is to give everyone a fair chance of having a 20 minute consultation with Sheikh Babikir at Rumi's Cave, Carlton Vale. Trying to contact him directly or via friends/family is not the correct way, so please refrain from asking. We ask that you please respect the process.

To request Sheikhs time for services taking place outside of Rumi's Cave, please contact the Admin team on
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Sheikh is extremely busy and his schedule is likely to change at the last minute.
You may be contacted with only 48-hours notice for an appointment (if you are outside London you will be given at least a week).
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