Northshield Artist Release and Publication Permission
This form may be completed and e-mailed to an SCA publication for immediate use. SCA publications must have your signature on file to use your material. This signature can be digital in the form of an email from you stating that you agree to the terms of this release.
Once this form is completed, you will receive an email with the content of the form. Please forward that email in its entirety to This will count as a signature for legal purposes.
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I do hereby grant permission for my... *
which is entitled
only answer if you only want to give a release for one specific item
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(If you selected 1.5 or 2: number of times to be published OR event name
If 1.5: If it can be reproduced in perpetuity, please put "no limit" in this field.
I recognize that persons unknown may link to this site or may use my work without my permission. I shall hold the web page owner harmless from such activity if proper notice appears on the Web page, and I am immediately notified when the link or use is discovered.

If I have checked one or more of items 1-3, I retain all copyright in my work and may grant permission to any other publication or entity to use my work.

If I have checked the last item, I understand that I have assigned copyright of this work to the Society for Creative Anachronism, and I will have no further control over the distribution of the work.

I agree to ensure appropriate academic due diligence where appropriate. I recognize that this is my responsibility as the creator of the art and that the Society for Creative Anachronism is not responsible for this.
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