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Hi, I am Christyne Gray!! Owner of She Profits Now. I am a Business Profit Improvement Strategies Consultant, Accountant, Profit First Coach and Management One Expert.

She Profits Now by Christyne Gray is a Boutique Profit Improvement Coaching & Accounting Firm. We are 100% profit improvement focused, and we specialize in the boutique retail industry. We are a COLLABORATION OF PROFIT FOCUSED SERVICES. We understand your business inside-and-out. We fully understand your income generation, expenses, and business operations. And, we know how to maximize your tax deductions within this industry.

SHE PROFITS NOW was designed to be an entire financial support ecosystem, to help you grow as an entrepreneur, find financial confidence, and grow your profitability.

Our team consists of college educated Accountants, Project Managers and IRS Enrolled Agent Tax Preparers >> all trained by Christyne Gray, whom has over 25 years serving the retail industry.

At She Profits Now, we are selective with the clients we take on. We do our best to ensure that She Profits Now services are a good fit for you, your goals and time frame. No matter where you find yourself in your business, it should be clear to you that you didn't get there overnight. It took time, hustle, risk, and possibly hardship to bring you to the point of where you are at today. It's important to understand this, because She Profits Now does not offer quick or immediate fixes.

What we do offer is a guarantee that you will have a significant improvement in your entrepreneurial growth, your money mindset, and your financial focus. Whether you are seeking boutique business coaching, boutique accounting or boutique specialized tax services, you'll have a customized package designed to get you to where you want to be, in a systematic way.

If you'd like to apply to become a client of She Profits Now, please fill out the form below and we will contact you for a first client discovery session. You don't have to know exactly what you want, or have a plan, just be prepared to develop one with us if we move forward.


Why an application?

Here's why >>>> We hold ourselves to a very high standard, and we hold our clients to a high standard. We want you to succeed financially and we want you to have an award winning experience when working with us. We also want to succeed. Yes, RIGHT FIT is a real thing, and we take it very seriously!

What does this mean? We only take clients who are seeking true profit improvement strategies within their business. Our ideal client seeks a partnership for their bookkeeping, tax, profit first and profit improvement strategy relationships.

We are not an input = output provider. When we compile your data, input it into a financial reporting system [whether it be bookkeeping, tax or our strategic profit accelerate system] we use this data to ACTUALLY IMPROVING YOUR FINANCIAL OUTCOME.

Yes, we are 100% profit improvement focused.

So, if this sounds like you .... proceed forward. Once we receive and review your form, we will text you to see if you are available for a chat!

XO, Christyne Gray

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