Foodshare Community Garden Wish List 2019
Hello Community Gardeners! This form is to help inform us here at Foodshare how to best support you this growing season. Though we can't guarantee that we can provide all the items on your wish list, we will use this as a helpful tool to direct our energies, efforts and funds your way, as we are able! Please fill out this form as best you can, and there will be section at the end for additional comments, questions or anything else we've missed. We're excited to help you get growing this year!
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What is your role in this community garden? Are you a coordinator, a community member who uses the garden? Please describe below, and provide your contact information (email/phone) I am one of the lead members in creating the community garden. *
How many community members, on average, are participating in your garden? 5-15 people *
Have you received support from FoodShare in the past for your community garden? *
What do you feel your garden needs in terms of support this coming season? (Check as many as apply to you)
What have you found to be the biggest challenge(s) to running a successful community garden?
Would you consider coming to a free group training session hosted at the Foodshare office at 120 Industry Street Unit C, near Eglington and Weston Rd? *
When would be the best time to attend a training or have a FoodShare staff member come to visit with your group? *
Please list below any specific items/tools/equipment you know you need:
Please list below any topics you'd love to have FoodShare staff do a workshop on:
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