Presbyterian Counselling Associates - PCA
We are a team of professional counsellors and therapists who are members of local congregations of The Presbyterian Church in Singapore.

Our counselling services are open to members of the Presbyterian churches and their families and friends at the following rates:
$100 per session for individuals (60-90 mins per session)
$150 per session for couples and families (90-120 mins per session)

*There is a no-show fee of $20.

Please fill in your details and we will contact you shortly.
All information you provide here will be strictly confidential to PCA.
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Terms & Conditions (T&C1) - I give permission to Presbyterian Counselling Associates to collect, use and disclose my personal data provided here for the purpose of organizing my request for counselling. I understand that this data may be stored on an external application in the cloud. *
Terms & Conditions (T&C2) - I accept that all counselling sessions will be conducted in a professional manner and kept confidential with my counsellor. I will not hold my counsellor, or any referral person, or any church, or organisation responsible or liable for any of my personal actions, decisions and/or well-being in and/or outside of counselling sessions. *
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