2017 Music Listening Survey
This survey asks a variety of questions about the way people listen to music today. I am gathering this information for an article about music listening habits. The last survey question asks for contact information; if you would like notification when the survey results are available, please provide an email or Twitter name.

Some questions are fill-in-the-blank which require you to type your answers. These are generally optional, but do your best to answer them.

This survey consists of 38 questions (in 4 different sections). Most people should finish it between 8-15 minutes. If you accidentally press the SUBMIT button before you are actually finished, you can take the survey again.

Thank you for participating, and I encourage you to publicize this survey to your friends. The URL for this survey is: goo.gl/v9q8X6

Robert Nagle, idiotprogrammer@gmail.com

What best describes you?
Which of these things about a new song is MOST likely to make you want to learn more about a musician?
Write in the blank below the app or program which you use the most to listen to music. (Say "none" if you only listen via web browser or CDs or AM/FM radio)
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What age group do you belong to?
Choose your Gender
(If you live inside the USA) Write the two letter code that identifies the state you live in.
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(If you live outside the USA) Write the two letter code that identifies the country where you live (MX for Mexico, TH for Thailand, etc).
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If you exclude yourself, how many people living in your home are between 10-17 years old?
If you have a favorite music podcast, Youtube Channel about music or blog about music, please mention it here.
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If you remember the first music album which you ever got excited about, please mention it here.
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