A New Young Adult's Shed for Frome
We are a team of volunteers from Edventure Frome's 12th Start-Up course, tasked with starting a young adult's SHED for individuals aged 18-35ish.

The SHED will offer a weekly workspace where people can work on practical projects individually or with others, for themselves or the community. Inspired by the Men's SHED, we imagine a welcoming, creative space for people with any level of creative experience.

We have a few questions we would like to ask you to help us create a SHED which meets the need of the community in Frome. The questionnaire should take fewer than 5 minutes, and we will not share your data. We really appreciate your time and ideas. Thank you!
If you are outside of the age range of 18-35ish, please skip to question 8.
1. Are you interested in being part of a young adult's SHED in Frome?
2. If you answered "no" or "unsure," what reservations do you have about being part of the SHED?
Your answer
3. In terms of programming, which would you prefer:
4. What would you like to gain or learn from being part of the SHED?
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5. What activities or projects would you like to do in this space?
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6. Would you be interested in learning how to sell the products you make?
7. When would you be available to come to a SHED workshop? (check all that apply)
8. Do you have any skills, resources, or experience you'd like to share with the Young Adult Shed? (perhaps leading a workshop, tools or materials, etc)
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9. Any other ideas, comments, or questions?
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Your email address, so we can keep you up to date with future events:
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Thank you for your feedback!
Please join us Thursday, June 20th for an opening celebration at the Welshmill Hub, Park Hill Drive, Frome BA11 2LE.
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