Media Registration - Burning Seed 2017

Before you complete this form READ THIS:
Only complete this form if you want to register as Official Media Cohort for Burning Seed 2017.

This is NOT for you if you're just taking a few snaps to share with friends. This IS DEFINITELY for you if you're planning to take photos or film for anything beyond sharing with friends and family, including websites, gallery showings, traditional and digital media. You need to seek and be granted written permission.

Being part of the Official Media Cohort has its privileges and responsibilities. As an officially accredited filmmaker or photographer you'll get supervised access to the effigy and temple Burns; early onsite entry; opportunity to work on specific Seed projects that we'll promote like hot cakes; and of course some sweet fluoro kit and an exclusive media pass.

We love all your work and we totally love the gift your talent brings to our Comms. We want to do more of this and we want the Official Media Cohort to also consider projects for Seed - for instance we need photos / film of all our art, theme camps, infrastructure, art cars etc. This could be an individual or collaborative project. We can draft up project briefs if it helps but we'd love to see the Cohort deliver these projects in addition to their own.

A final point - to attend Burning Seed you must have a ticket. There are no free media passes.

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