Be a UNICORN BRAND Mastermind for Brand Confidence and Cashflow Clarity (March to June, 2019)
I'm here for you. I've been where you are, so I KNOW where you can be and how you can achieve it, if you allow the process of Life and Mindset to take you there. I work with individuals who are choosing to CREATE a life, and not merely just get by.

I began with zero, just the "why" of "I'm going to be a happy work-from-anywhere solopreneur, on my own terms," and then did it. The DOING requires support, a safe space, and a leader to guide you:

That's me.
I can't wait to hold the space for you to step in to the life you desire.

I’d like to commend you for contacting my coaching page earlier today. Let me tell you about the EXCITING COACHING I am offering to women like you who would like to COLLECTIVELY IMPROVE THEMSELVES, for a more blissful, abundant and bountiful life in 2019!

BLISSFUL UNICORN BRAND MASTERMIND is a 3-month coaching and training group coaching for aspiring SERVICE-BASED SOLOPRENEURS, COACHES, CREATORS, and CHANGE-MAKERS who want to ignite their passion, get the best clients, make more money and create a thriving freelance business that is BUILT ON A SOLID PERSONAL BRAND.

I call a powerful brand a BLISSFUL, UNICORN BRAND!

This 3-month, empowering and high-touch coaching with me is for you if you:
You want to know what to do to get started in building a powerful personal brand through in the service-based/consulting/coaching/leadership niches
You may already have your own freelance biz and are working with clients, but want to elevate your mindset so you can work less, make more
Want to clarify what your personal brand stands for, and how it will help you attract the kind of clients you want to work for;
Are struggling with work/life balance;
Aren't doing the type of work you love (and therefore aren't making the high-frequency money that you have a good energy with); or
Have no clue what you are doing, except you desire to be an INFLUENTIAL PERSONAL BRAND and TIME-FREEDOM INCOME CREATOR, by hook or by crook because you value Time, Family and Freedom, all together and are willing to PUT IN THE EFFORT to create a life you adore.

If this is you, then you are ready to work with me.

I've just described who I was (used to be) in those bullets above. So consider this coaching a "me passing on to you" what I have learned, the mistakes I've made, the successes I'm experiencing, and how you can acquire the mindset to become and be the Powerful Unicorn Brand you're wishing you are, right now.

To get started on the onboarding, please find my form here.

Let's do this.


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