SAYA Social Survey
Outside the clinic and hospital, we'd like to help you connect with other stroke survivors and their families to get out of the house, share experiences, or just have some fun!

We're interested in hearing your ideas and preferences for the social/educational/support aspect of the Stroke and Young Adults (SAYA) Program at Tufts Medical Center. This program is the first and only one of its kind, and we'd like to tailor it to your interests. Would you like the events to focus on being fun, or would you like an educational or support piece built in as well? What sort of things would you like to do? Let us know here.

How interested are you in meeting other people who have had strokes or TIAs? *
On average, how frequently would you like to meet up with this type of group? *
What should the events focus on? (select all responses that fit your interests) *
If you selected "other" above, what would you like to see us do at these gatherings?
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What type of activities or venues would you like to do with the group? (check all that you are interested in) *
If you selected "other" above, what type of activity would you like that's not listed here?
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Let us know if you have any other thoughts or ideas for this part of the program.
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Finally, one of your fellow stroke survivors (Cynthia), is interested in helping organize and get people excited about these gatherings: are you okay with being contacted by her? (i.e. can we share your e-mail/phone number with her?) *
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