The People's Yoga Scholarship Application
The TPY Scholarship Fund is maintained by a $5 contribution included in every monthly membership. The People’s Yoga is a community that works together to ensure that the benefits of the yogic practice are accessible to every person regardless of financial means. This financial assistance is open to any student who may not be able to afford the cost of our classes.


Applications without income verification will not be considered. An income level of zero must be explained via documentation from SNAP, unemployment, or other financial assistance which demonstrates how you pay your bills. Email income verification to Feel free to provide copies of outstanding bills to support your application.


Applications must be emailed to prior to the 20th of March, June, September and/or December. Applications and renewal requests received after the 20th of March, June, September, and/or December cannot be processed and the applicant must wait until the next scholarship term.

The scholarship terms are:
January, February & March
April, May & June
July, August & September
October, November & December

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, lease email

Thank you for being a part of our community!

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If you are homeless, please let us know here, thank you.
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Income Information
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Income information is confidential and required to process your application. Please email to

An income level of zero must be explained via documentation from SNAP, unemployment, or other financial assistance that you demonstrates how you pay your bills.

Current Occupation, Employer & Employer's Address *
Please make note if you are currently unemployed or a full time student.
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Monthly Employment Income After Taxes *
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SNAP benefits, unemployment, Student Financial Aid, etc. N/A if not applicable
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How many adults are supported by this income? *
1 if just yourself
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How many children? Are you a single parent? *
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If your monthly income is zero, please explain.
Do you participate in work trade? Do you receive familial/partner support? Are you living on savings? Credit cards?
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Do you have extraordinary expenses, large debts or extenuating circumstances you would like us to take into consideration? If so, please explain fully (including financial details).
Please provide supporting documentation.
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What is your need for a scholarship? *
How much can you afford for monthly unlimited yoga? *
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Additional Questions
In the process of awarding scholarships, we take into account a variety of factors in addition to financial need. Please take a moment to answer the following questions below.
Why do you feel you should be eligible for a scholarship? *
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What is your connection to The People's Yoga? *
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How will you benefit from taking classes at The People’s Yoga? *
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Full Disclosure & Acceptance of Terms
I certify that all the information I have provided is complete and accurate. I have given a full disclosure of my financial status. The People’s Yoga recognizes that this application requests personal and financial information. All information provided will remain strictly confidential, will only be used to determine your eligibility for a scholarship, and will not be released to anyone outside of The People’s Yoga. As a scholarship applicant, we trust that the information you provide is complete and accurate.
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Thank you for being a part of our community!
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