Permission Update 2021
New legislation: Privacy Act 2020 replaced Privacy Act 1993

New privacy laws were introduced in 2020. To ensure that Pinehill School is fulfilling its legal obligations and you understand how the information collected is used by the school.

Contact, health, academic and permission information is collected annually and used by the school to support the education and wellbeing of your child. Schools are required by the Ministry of Education to collect enrolment information. In accordance with the Privacy Act 2020 the information you provide in relation to your child’s enrolment, and any subsequent information, and other personal information, is used from time to time by Pinehill Primary School for the purposes of:

• The Board and/or the school meeting the obligations under the Education and Training Act 2020.
• Providing for the student’s education;
• Recording and maintaining student records of academic progress and achievement;
• Reporting to caregivers/ parents;
• Providing contact, health, academic and wellbeing information when transitioning a student from one school/ECE to another;
• Recording and maintaining accounts;
• Communication with caregivers/parents;
• When the school is obliged by law to give information to government departments (e.g. Ministry of Education and Health)

The school will determine how long it holds personal information, but will not keep personal information for longer than is lawful or necessary to achieve the purpose for which we may lawfully use or retain it. This follows the Ministry of Education’s requirements of maintaining and the retention of school records. Any information shared with approval in a public facing forum, such as a school website, are not deemed personal information, whereas non-public facing channels, are deemed personal information.

We ask that you please advise the school if you have any concerns about disclosure of any specific information within the school. Please refer to board policies/procedures at

The questions below are part of the Enrolment Form that is completed when you enrol your child. There has been a small number of permissions added over the years. To ensure that Pinehill has up-to-date permissions as per our legal requirement, we are asking to complete this form.

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Parent Name *
Child's Name *
Contact phone number
Authorisation *
I understand that the information provided may be used for school based activities and be passed to other agencies who work with the school for educational purposes. In addition, I understand that Pinehill will contact my child’s previous school to request that they pass on school records and any other information to support my child, and that Pinehill School will pass on any records to my child’s subsequent school/s. I authorise Pinehill School to obtain or transfer student’s information to other schools/ECE/agencies as required for the purposes of the Board and/or the School meeting their compulsory obligations under the Education and Training Act 2020, and I authorise that person or organisation to disclose such information to Pinehill School or Board.
Information used for voluntary statistical and/or research purposes *
I understand that this information may be used for voluntary statistical and/or research purposes (such as E-asTTLE, PAT’s) and agree to its use for that purpose, provided that if the information is published in any way that will not identify me or the student. I give permission for my child to participate in approved university research projects provided it is anonymous.
Photographs or videos of students *
The school takes photographs or videos of students to record activities within and beyond the school environment. These include academic, sporting and cultural events, and class photos. This voluntary information is sometimes published in the school newsletter, website, school facebook, school photo albums, digital learning sites, and are used for historical records. I give permission for the school to publish images of my child on the school website; school related social media including the school newsletter, and in newspaper and magazine articles covering school activities in accordance with school policy.
Device and Internet Usage *
Pinehill School makes good use of the many excellent Internet technologies available to us as part of our educational programmes. Teachers and children have guidelines regarding use of school devices and use of the Internet and these are monitored thoroughly. Students at Pinehill school sign a device user agreement. I give permission for my child to access the internet and hold a school email address in accordance with school policy.
Local Visits *
The school would like permission for teachers to occasionally walk classes to very local venues without sending out a specific permission slip. Trips such as this do not involve any vehicle transport. Such walks might include: Fitness Power Walks, Cross Country etc. I give permission for my child to leave the school grounds for very local walks and visits during the school hours.
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