The Sheep 2020 - Music Application
Welcome lovely burner!

We're honoured that you want to participate with your awesome music at the fourth edition of Where The Sheep Sleep 2020. Without you The Sheep would just be another default event. Our little Playa will open its gates on the June 25th 'till June 29th 2020.

We can't wait to hear what kind of AMAZING MUSIC you are planning to bring. When making and thinking about a project please keep the Burning Man 10 Principles in mind, as this is at the core of our community!

DEADLINES... You must submit this form As Soon As Possible :)

Please fill in the form as completely as possible. Thank you!

Dusty hugs,
Music team The Sheep 2020

(See other forms for Art, Performance or Themecamp applications on our website:

Have fun, everyone!
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