Childhood Nutrition Collaborative 2020 Reporting Form
This form intends to capture all activities we are doing as a community to ensure that every young person pre-birth to age 24 is food secure so that they are able to thrive in Tompkins County.

The Childhood Nutrition Collaborative has identified three big goals to achieve this mission.
Goal 1: Increase the percentage of households with children (0-24) who are food secure (with 12 different objectives related to availability, access, education and sovereignty)
Goal 2: Increase community engagement in key issues, dynamics and opportunities
Goal 3: Increase coordination of activities across sectors and organizations

In order to track progress on improving household food security, to help identify and close gaps in services and resources in different parts of the county and to better understand and improve upon how community leaders are supporting engagement and coordination, we need to hear from you.

Take 10 minutes to complete this form, and you will immediately receive a report on our collective progress!
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