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Adventure Christian Church uses a system called Planning Center Online (PCO) to schedule all volunteers for Sundays and events. So, you will need your own account set up in PCO before you can be scheduled to serve. It is free and easy. Watch the short video below in order to understand how it works.

When you have watched the video fill out the rest of the form. We will use the information that you provided to start an account for you. You will see an invitation in your email to finish setting up your accont and a ministry leader will contact you soon. Thanks for helping us! We couldn't do it with out you.

Planning Center Online
for full screen watch the video in Youtube
first and last please
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mobile phone
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Do you currently have a Planning Center Online (PCO) account?
Which service(s) would you like to serve at?
check all that apply. Please remember that we love to have you serve, but we also want you to worship at a service too.
Which area(s) of ministry would you like to serve in?
each area has training that needs to be done before you serve. Most of the training is done online. However, Adventureland, Hospitality, Worship, and Multimedia require additional things; so check with the ministry leader for details
Ministry Leaders contact info
- Adventureland Kid's Ministry:
Justin Werber 208-407-6306 or

- Greeters & Ushers
Jae Alexander 971-237-1428 or

- Hospitality
Peggy Hall 503-473-1843 or

- Worship & Multimedia
John Stearns 971-241-4024 or

Do you have any questions or comments for us?
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