THE NEXT SOCIETY Power Dinner | Application form for startups
What is the name of the company?
What is your name?
Where are you based?
Please provide your email address
Please provide a phone number where we can reach you in case of emergencies
Please describe your business in 140 characters
What does your company do or make? Be specific
If you have a website or demo/prototype, please provide the URL.
Please provide a link to a video (3 minutes long which best describe your business).
How many founders are there? Please provide URLs to LinkedIn profiles
How long have all founders work together as a team?
Not including founders, how many additional employees are there?
Are the founders working part time or full time of this project?
What problem are you trying to solve?
What makes you different? What is your competitive advantage?
Describe your existing customer engagement.
Include product presentation, preferably in the form of an investor deck (PDF only)
How big is the market and how do you arrive at this figure? How big do you think it will be in years?
Who are your competitors? Please list them and include their URLs
In the medium and long run, how will you make money?
How many users/customers do you have? How quick is your user base growing?
Describe what you did to get or first customers?
Do you plan to raise money in the future? If so, how much?
Describe the company's most recent traction milestone and the next big one.
Who are the key partners and/or suppliers?
Have you started generating revenue yet and if yes, how much total in your startup's lifetime?
How much revenue has your startup had in the last month?
What is the total amount of cash invested in the startup?
What is the current monthly cash required to pay all founders, employees and expenses (gross burn)?
What is the equity breakdown of the company including founders, employees and investors?
What is the incorporation date?
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