NPS 2017 MC/Bout Manager Volunteer Form
We are looking for people with experience running poetry slams and/or being an MC to volunteer at NPS, if that is you, please sign up. Thank you.
For all of these positions it is important that you have a thorough understanding of the rules of the National Poetry Slam as they are currently written in the Poetry Slam, Inc. rulebook.
To be an MC, you need some previous experience as an MC at other events and we usually ask MCs who are new to NPS to Bout Manage with an experienced MC first.
All positions will require attending meetings during the tournament in addition to arrival at any bout you are working at least one hour before the bout begins.
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Best way to get in touch with you?
Days you are available to work? *
Need to be available to meet before early bout and be at bout by 6:00PM
Position(s) interested in?
Past Experience
Teams you cannot work a bout with
We wish to avoid the appearance of bias, so please list teams that you would be seen by the community to be biased towards or against. Do not list every poet you have met, just because you know them and had coffee that one time. Thanks
Teams you need to be at a bout for *
This is mainly for your home slam, or a team you are coaching. Please do not list the bout you think would be fun to see. Every effort will be made to accommodate these requests, but they cannot be guaranteed.
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