Wanted: Freelance Writer
PBS Digital Studios is looking for a writer for Origin of Everything, a show about under told and under known history. This bi-weekly, scripted, hosted series is mostly explainer format with a splash of light humor. The style and tone of the show is academic with an eye towards a general audience.

You’ll be writing entertaining and educational scripts that feature lesser known history topics that relate to modern experiences, and provide fresh takes on prominent themes in popular culture. Although the show tends to trend towards US history topics, international topics from all time periods are more than welcome. This is a remote position working in collaboration with Complexly out of Indianapolis, Indiana.

What we’re looking for:
--Our writer should be a history expert with a background in historical studies. An advanced degree in history (MA, MPhil or PhD) or a related field (social sciences or humanities) is preferred.
--You should be able to write towards a general audience about culturally specific subjects and comfortable having your work edited for tone and voice by our host.
--You’ll work closely with the hosts, producers, and the PBSDS team to pitch, plan, and execute scripts. We will both request pitch ideas from our freelancers and also provide topics for certain episodes. You should be comfortable writing assigned scripts and completely original content.
--Scripts range from 1900-2400 words, and episodes will be released bi-weekly. The writer will be responsible for researching and writing their assigned scripts for the series, with the possibility of continuation.
--You’ll be expected to do original research including academic papers, books, historical artifacts, primary sources, and expert interviews.
--Your writing should be entirely original, accurate, fact-checked, clear, and concise. We will also provide additional fact checking for each script and expect that you update your work based on the recommendations of our content team.
--We work through several drafts before a script turns into a video. You’ll be able to communicate with us daily, and should be able to handle feedback and work well with a team. And of course you can reliably hit deadlines.

About PBS Digital Studios:
PBS has long brought you original, thought-provoking programming. With PBS Digital Studios, we take that same mission and apply it to the Internet age. Working with creators from across the web, we’ve created more than 50 original web series that explore science, arts, culture, and more, including It’s Okay the Be Smart, The Art Assignment, Space Time and other shows that reach millions of viewers each month.
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