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PLEASE READ THIS INFORMATION: We are developing a handbook on financial resources for patients with diabetes in Ontario. This is a survey to help us understand what resources patients with diabetes and healthcare providers would like to know more about. Your participation is completely voluntary and you may choose to skip any question you are not comfortable answering. Since this is an online survey, the privacy and security of this information cannot be guaranteed. However, your information will be completely anonymous. For patients considering this survey, your care providers will not know your responses and what you say will not impact your care.

If you do NOT want to proceed with the survey, please STOP NOW. If you consent to the information above, please continue with the survey below. This survey will take about 5-10 minutes to complete.

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This section assess the clarity of the information we provided in the manual
Patients with diabetes need to pay out of pocket for routine eye examinations.
Ontario residents 65 years or older may apply for additional coverage to help with the cost of pen needles or syringes.
Ontarians with diabetes may be eligible for a number of health-related tax credits and deductions.
The Special Diet Allowance is reserved for seniors with certain medical conditions.
Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) from Health Canada, and Northern Health Travel Grant (NHTG) all provide some coverage for travel for medical purposes.
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