Call for Nominations: Individual 2017 Clean50 Award - Deadline Extended to July 11th
NOTE: IF YOU ARE ENTERING A NEW NOMINATION AFTER JUNE 24, Please advise your nominee ASAP - and tell them to go to the DETAILED nomination form and respond by July 11th.

Nominations have been extended so that those received through JULY 11th 2016, will be considered for the 2017 Clean50 Awards, to be announced in September 2016, Anyone who has already been nominated may complete the DETAILED nomination form up until 10 AM, EDT Monday morning, July 4th 2016. Anyone who is nominated, and who completed the accomplishments under consideration before they turned 35 will automatically also be considered for a Clean50 Emerging Leader Award, if they don't get named to the individual award.

If there is someone you know - or know of - who is making a difference to Canada's overall sustainability performance, please tell us about them! Categories include clean tech, R&D, educators, advocates, though leaders, and all 3 levels of government, in addition to a broad cross section of industries.

NOTE: If you have already BEEN NOMINATED (or spoken to someone at Delta about your nomination) please look on the tab at LEFT and use the DETAILED form. Please DO NOT fill out this form.

This form is only for people who have not yet been nominated this year - and for people to tell us about individuals with whom we are not already in contact.

Nominations on this form close JULY 1st - but the earlier you submit your candidate, the more time your nominee will have to respond - and the more time we will have to consider them, so be sure to nominate early. PLEASE NOTE This form is not intended to be used to submit a lot of information - just a summary. There is a more detailed form, accessible from the website, (look on left) from which we obtain more detail from the nominee themselves. THE DEADLINE FOR THE LONG FORM IS 10 AM, EDT, July 4th 2016


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Focus on providing UP TO 3 or 4 measurable accomplishments if possible - or the reasons you want to nominate this person. Point form is fine. We will almost always connect with the nominee to have them provide full details - so no need for you to do so here.
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If YES, no further detailed information will be required - you will simply need to complete the submission. If NO, the only additional information required is your contact information to validate the nomination. Our standard policy is to not share the name of a nominator with anyone.
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