"We are truly in a privileged position to be able to focus our attention on deepening our commitment to a more fair, competitive, and socially just workplace." -- from President Jo Ann Rooney's response to the Just Employment Task Force
The Administration needs to apply the principles of 'Just Employment' to our negotiations. Full and Part-time NTT faculty are crucial members of Loyola and are fighting to move past contingency, create one faculty, make progress towards parity and create more consistency and transparency. That's what we're fighting to achieve in our contract. Achieving these goals would improve the quality of education for our students and make progress towards improving the lives of Loyola NTT faculty and our families.

Therefore, we will do whatever it takes to force the Administration to:

1. Agree to use a Federal Mediator to help move negotiations forward
2. Agree to one table, two contracts -- bargain both the ELLP and College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) contracts at the same table, but each will have their own collective bargaining agreement (CBA)
3. Come to an agreement on our union contract before the end of Spring Semester

Stand with your colleagues and add your name to our public petition asking President Rooney to bring the principles of 'Just Employment' to our negotiations!

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