BADC Columbia 2017
The Big Apple DanceSport Challenge (BADC) is a 1.5 day event on December 2nd and 3rd at Columbia University.
Double registration for two levels in the same style is not allowed for Silver and below (You can double register for silver and gold). Each competitor can register for a maximum of 8 entries. An entry is defined as one 'event' i.e. Silver W/Q would be one event, and Silver T/F would be another, totaling 2 events. Fill this form out by November 17th!!!
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Remember, double registering is only allowed silver and above (silver and bronze is not allowed but silver and gold is)
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We will organize a couple groups taking MegaBus at the same time. Unless you have a good reason, we would like everyone to travel together.
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The team will arrange student housing. Unless you have a good reason, we would like everyone to stay together.
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We will try to honor your requests, but no promises
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