For School Year 2018-2019
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Select the degree of your desire for the following educational goals on behalf of your children.
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Scaling: 5 - Highly Desirable | 4 - Desirable | 3 - Occasionally desirable | 2 - Not desirable/Not applicable | 1 - Indifferent
1. understand basic moral and spiritual values
2. acquire a set of values and an ethical system by which to live
3. develop correct values
4. desire and achieve socially responsible behavior
5. develop intellectual prowess
6. develop critical thinking
7. acquire proficiency in expressing one's self
8. develop effective study skills
9. develop a command of basic mathematical processes
10. provide opportunities for worthwhile co-curricular activities
11. provide opportunities for the appreciation of arts, music and other aesthetic experiences
12. discover and develop creative talent
13. understand the scientific method and how it works
14. understand scientific and technological progress
15. acquire self reliance
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Scaling: 5 - Highly Desirable | 4 - Desirable | 3 - Occasionally desirable | 2 - Not desirable/Not applicable | 1 - Indifferent
16. develop the ability to work cooperatively
17. train in effective leadership
18. train in intelligent followership
19. provide opportunities to meet people
20. acquire refined manners to be able to conduct one's self properly in any kind of gathering
21. provide guidance in the balanced development of one's personality
22. provide opportunities for self-discovery, self-expression and creativity
23. develop the ability to deal constructively with psychological tension
24. learn how to make use of leisure time
25. acquire a wide range of interests
26. develop the ability to adapt to changing conditions and to learn from mistakes
27. maintain good physical and mental health
28. provide adequate sex education
29. select and prepare for an occupation or vocation
30. prepare for marriage and family life
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Scaling: 5 - Highly Desirable | 4 - Desirable | 3 - Occasionally desirable | 2 - Not desirable/Not applicable | 1 - Indifferent
31. develop an understanding of the concept of and need for responsible parenthood
32. understand the abilities and skills needed for a successful and worthwhile family membership
33. develop an understanding of the meaning of life
34. learn how to deal with life, its problems and stress
35. develop the ability to plan one's life
36. develop intellectual skills and concepts necessary for civic competence
37. develop a basic understanding of the operation of one's government according to the constitution
38. develop a basic understanding of the essentials of good citizenship
39. develop an understanding of the economic goals of the country
40. train in intelligent action as consumers
41. know the contemporary conditions of one's community and the nation as a whole and one's role in the community or in the nation
42. learn and appreciate cultural heritage
43. train for community leadership
44. provide opportunities for active participation in projects for community upliftment
45. train in the intelligent use of natural resources
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46. Please use the space below for other goals that you expect from a secondary education (if any)
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