Thompson-Mazzarella Park Community Survey
A team of students from the Conway School is working with local organizations in Rhinebeck to update the master plan for Thompson-Mazzarella Park (TMMP) that will be used as a resource and reference for future planning decisions. Your input will help us to create a park design that is responsive to the needs of the community. Thank you for lending your voice to this project!
Where do you live? *
What is your age?
How often do you go to TMMP?
How do you access TMMP?
Which park services do you use? *
Does the community garden in TMMP need more plots? *
If you have children, would you bring them to TMMP to learn about pollinators (bees, butterflies, etc)? *
Would you use TMMP more in hot weather if there were more shaded areas? *
Does TMMP need more active recreation facilities? (e.g. soccer fields) *
Do you have a favorite spot in TMMP? If so, please describe it, and what you like about it.
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Do you feel that anything is missing from TMMP or could be improved on? If so, please describe it here.
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What does climate resilience mean to you? What should it look like in your community? Do you have any ideas for improving climate resilience in TMMP?
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