Newport Theater Incident Report
Part of The Newport Theater's ongoing mission to provide/support inclusive, safe theater experiences. With this in mind, we understand how important it is to receive and act on feedback provided by the artists, producers, and audience members that visit our theater.

Please note that this form is intended to report incidents that occurred onsite at the Newport Theater.
What date did the incident occur? *
What approximate time did the incident occur? *
Indicate the type of incident:
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Was this incident during a show/production/event onsite? *
If so, please list below. If not, describe the circumstances.
What (if any) other individuals were involved in this incident? *
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Please provide as much information as possible, including: 1) potential witnesses to the incident 2) Any action you may have already engaged in to address the incident, like talking to a producer/staff member.
What outcome are you hoping to receive from filing this incident report? *
We may not be able to accommodate all requests, but we want to know what restorative action would look like to you.
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