AvaLingua Exchange @ HOME - Monday the 21st of June 2021
Hi everyone!

We hope you're all in good health and we hope to see you in real life again soon! In the meantime we will keep organizing:


Do you want to practice a language at home and are you willing to help others with the language you speak? Then join AvaLingua Exchange @ HOME!

How does it work?
- Please fill out this form before Sunday the 20th of June 12:00h noon. Thanks!
- After closing application time, we will form the groups. We will match you to other participants, so that everyone gets the opportunity to practice a language for one round and also to help others (with a language that you speak) for another round. That is the language exchange! :)
- As soon as all matches are made, we will send you a confirmation e-mail with a link. By opening this link on Monday the 21st of June at 19:30, you enter the online AvaLingua Exchange Meeting. Please make sure to log in on time!

Let the practice begin!
The meeting consists of two rounds of at most 40 minutes. After a short introduction by your AvaLingua Exchange host, we start the first round! Everyone will be assigned to their smaller language group. After 40 minutes, the first round ends and we will assign everyone again to another group to start the second round.

What do you need?
- A computer with a webcam and microphone (or your smartphone);
- The program Zoom: https://zoom.us . We recommend you to download it and set it up (or update it) before the meeting starts. Please use the same name for Zoom as in the subscription form, so we can easily assign everyone to their groups;
- And of course... your big smile and good vibes ;)

We ask for a small fee of 4 euro, so we can cover our costs and keep organizing the meetings for you all! :) You will receive more information in the confirmation e-mail.
The meeting is free of charge if you're currently following a Dutch language course at AvaLingua (www.avalingua.nl)

We appreciate it if you write a review on Facebook :)

Why AvaLingua Exchange?
Because we love to connect languages, people and cultures! For more information about AvaLingua Exchange, check our website: www.language-exchange.nl.

Kind regards,

The AvaLingua Exchange Team - Nijmegen, Rotterdam & The Hague
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AvaLingua offers several Dutch language courses: level A1, A2, B1 and B2. Interactive, small groups and opportunities to practice with native speakers. For more information, visit: www.avalingua.nl
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