Buy a slice of KAKE to help keep us safe
Please help us in the fight to keep KAKE alive today by contributing to our shared future. We miss you and can’t wait to be together again.

KAKE is an independent, not-for-profit Queer Performance Art space (that happens to throw gorgeous parties).

KAKE has been a labour of love, that means so much to so many of us. We operate on the smallest of margins to allow us to provide meaningful performance opportunities to artists and create a welcoming space for our community.

To help us keep our space until this all blows over, we have put together some merchandise options!

If you have the means or wish to help financially support us throughout these uncertain times, we have listed some options for you below.

Please let us know how you would like to support us using the form below: you will receive a reply with payment options.

All funds raised will be used to cover the cost of KAKE's venue costs (rent, utilities, maintenance) for the duration of our closures. Any additional funds raised above our operational costs above will be paid forward to our artists, staff and development programs.

Your information will only be saved to keep track of contributions, to ensure no one misses out on their purchase.
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KAKE KASH is a printed booklet of drink tickets to use when we reopen.

Any KAKE KASH book over 50€ has two colours inside, valid for two months each. For example pink for May/June and green for July/August.

Valid from when we can reopen, this is an easy way to help us now and have a drink with us to say thanks later!
KAKE KASH - How thirsty are you?
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Tip Jar
Missing your favourite KAKE bar tender and wish you could ring our bell? Spent your self-isolation dreaming of your fav KAKE party?

Please consider contributing your usual entry fee or friendly tip. We appreciate anything, big or small and will do a little celebratory "Thank You!" dance at home.

Tips will be put aside to help financially support our staff and professional development programs.
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