Pollwatcher certificate request form - 2019 primary

• You do NOT need to apply for PWCs for Committee People – MCDC will request these for all committee people whose appointments have been completed as of May 1, 2019.

• If someone is watching for a particular candidate, please indicate so on the form. If they are not watching for a particular candidate please write "TBD."

• We ask that ONE person submit all of the requests for a particular Area, municipality or campaign. This makes it easier for follow-up purposes. Please coordinate amongst yourselves.

• Keep in mind that PWCs are only needed for someone who will be INSIDE the poll. If someone is volunteering for a few hours outside greeting voters only, they do not need a PWC.

• Although there will be a precinct listed on the PWC, it is good for any poll where the candidate they are assigned to is on the ballot.

• We ask that all requests be submitted before Friday, May 10.

• All certificates requested for an area/municipality will be distributed to the areas the week before the election along with the boxes containing sample ballots. Certificates requested for campaigns can be distributed to areas or picked up by the campaigns at MCDC.

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First and Last Name of Poll Watcher *
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Street Address Of Poll Watcher *
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Precinct where the Poll Watcher lives. Find your precinct here: https://www.pavoterservices.pa.gov/Pages/PollingPlaceInfo.aspx
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Name of candidate you are watching for (if known) ONLY LIST A CANDIDATE IF THE CAMPAIGN HAS SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED A PWC. Otherwise, write "TBD" *
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