MCHCS WASC Teacher Survey
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The school has established clear, coherent SLO’s based upon high quality standards and is congruent with research, practices, the community, and the belief that all students can learn.
The school’s planning process is broad-based, collaborative and has the commitment of the shareholders, including the staff, students and parents.
Allocation of time/fiscal/personnel/material resources correlates with SLO’s and the school wide action plan.
The process to assign staff members in order to maximize the use of their expertise in accomplishing quality student learning is effective.
The school has clearly written administrative and faculty policies, and handbooks that define responsibilities, operational practices, decision-making processes, and relationships of leadership and staff.
The school has effective existing structures for internal communication, planning, and resolving differences.
Email communications are responded to promptly by leadership.
The school provides staff with adequate time to collaborate and plan together.
The school’s facilities are adequate to meet the school’s vision and purpose and are safe, functional, and well maintained.
The school effectively supports professional development with time, personnel, material, and fiscal resources to facilitate all students achieving.
The school has defined academic standards for each subject area, course, and/or program.
A rigorous, relevant and coherent curriculum is accessible to all students.
The school’s instructional practices and other activities facilitate access and success for special needs students.
Parents, students and staff collaborate in the development and monitoring of a student’s personal learning plan, based upon a student’s learning style and career and educational goals.
The school implements academic support programs to ensure students are meeting all requirements for their grade level and towards graduation.
The students know the standards/expected performance levels beforehand for each area of study.
The school’s instructional staff members differentiate instruction and evaluate its impact on student learning.
Opportunities for shadowing, apprenticeships, community projects and other real world experiences and applications are available to all students.
All teachers use a variety of strategies and resources that actively engage students and emphasize higher order thinking skills.
The school uses effective assessment processes to collect, disaggregate, analyze, and report student performance data to the parents, staff and other shareholders in the community.
The school implements strategies and processes for the regular involvement of parents and the community.
The school demonstrates caring, concern, and high expectations for students in an environment that honors individual differences and is conducive to learning.
The school has an atmosphere of trust, respect, and professionalism.
The school has sufficient administration personnel to run the school.
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