2019 AEC Youth Council Parent Permission Form
Anyone under the age of18 are required to get their parent or guardian's permission to apply for and participate in the Youth Council. Parents and guardians, please read the information below, and complete the form on the second page to give your permission for the person in your care to apply and participate.

If they have not completed their application, it can be found at

Deadline October 25, 2019 11:59PM Central Time
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Founding Year of the
About the Youth Council
The Alabama Environmental Youth Council is comprised of 15 students (ages 14-18) demonstrating leadership that are determined to work together towards environmental conservation through education and community service.

The youth council will directly plan and participate in various projects that will serve the AEC’s purpose to “PRESERVE, PROTECT, AND PROMOTE A HEALTHY ALABAMA FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE” .

This will be the first and founding year of the Alabama Youth Environmental Council!
About the Alabama Environmental Council
Alabama Environmental Council (AEC) was founded in 1967 as an environmental advocacy organization working to protect Alabama’s wilderness areas and achieved great success. In addition, the trailblazing organization helped start many recycling programs throughout the state beginning in 1973 and provided a community recycling center in the city of Birmingham.

Today the organization focuses on natural resource conservation as a vital part of protecting the natural environment for a greener, cleaner and healthier Alabama. They are deeply involved in collaborations with various like-minded organizations and AL communities to provide unique opportunities for recycling and disposal of household hazardous waste.

AEC is preparing to launch two new programs during Fall 2019 - 2020: Master Conservationist of AL and a virtual resource tool for waste reduction - reduce, reuse, recycle.
1) Must be a high school student between the grades 9-12

2) Must be a resident of the state of Alabama

3) Have a passion for working towards environmental conservation and sustainability

4) Time, willingness, and ability to spend 5-15 hours per month on Youth Council work, including:

-Preparing for and participating in all virtual meetings projects we plan as a youth council for your community.
- Completing independent work between meetings, with support from AEC’s Jr. Board Advisers.
- Attend an Annual AEYC Summit (date TBD)

AEYC members and their parents/guardians will plan together to create a schedule that will work for the majority.
Youth Council Responsibilities
1) Participate in a monthly video/phone calls with fellow AEYC members - At these meetings the Youth Council and the Executive Director or a Junior Board liaison of AEC will make decisions regarding community environmental project(s) and strategy for effective promotion and awareness.

2) Participate in community project(s) and outreach efforts throughout the 2019-2020 term.

3) Attend an Annual AEYC Summit (TBD)
AEYC members and their parents/guardians will plan together to create a schedule that will work for the majority.

4) Serve as an avid AEC ambassador that works to help resolve both local and global environmental issues

5) Become a leader that will engage youth volunteerism and participation in environmental service projects throughout your community

6) Effectively collaborate with other youth council members as well as the Alabama Environmental Council to develop helpful strategies and programs

7) Demonstrate genuine enthusiasm when promoting environmental messages and strive to help create a healthy and clean natural environment for Alabama.
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