PEP Registration with Yardley Associates

Each parent must register separately. Please only complete the registration form for yourself.

If you need help to complete your registration, please call 860-688-1240 at any time, day or night, as our answering service is available 24/7.

As of July 1, 2022, the state requires classes to be offered both in-person and online, with limited online enrollment.

When you sign up for a selected class, please make sure to note whether the PEP class is offered in-person or online.

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If yes, please include the type of order and the full first and last name of all individuals on the order.
You are welcome to have an adult guest (over 21 years old) attend the class with you free of charge. Your guest may NOT be another adult who is ordered to take the class NOR can it be one of your children. *
If yes, please include your guest's first name and last name below.  If you signed up for an online class and your guest will be joining from separate device, please include their name AND email address.
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