Cosplay @ Pekan Kartun 2017 Registration
Pre Register of Cosplay Competition. All information shared in this form will be kept private & confidential and will only be used for the purpose related to the Solo / Team Skit Cosplay Competition. Please bring along your IC so we can identify your identity on the day itself.

Date: April 8th - 9th, 2017
Venue: Taiping Zoo and Night Safari

Terms and conditions
1) The maximum number of contestants is no more than 50 people.
2) Early registration can be made via online form. Please send in your name, telephone numer, e-mail and the character to be cosplayed.
3) Cosplay showcase or cosplay skit will be held at the mainstage.
4) Contestants will be judged on Craftsmanship (the quality of the costume), Fidelity (the accuracy of the costume to the original character) and Performance. Extra marks for self-made costumes and accessories. Craftsmanship (40%), Fidelity (40%), Performance (20%).
5) Contestants are required to bring an A4 size picture of their character for the judges’ reference and song for skit in MP3 format.
6) Only the top 3 cosplayer will be chosen.
7) Cosplay contestants must obey instructions from time to time from security and/or event personel.
8) Contestants need to perform cosplay showcase or skit on the stage for judges. 3 - 5 minute duration.
9) The judge’s decisions are final.
10) The sponsors hold the right to use the photos and videos of the contestants for promotional reasons.
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