BYU Spacecraft Competition Registration
Sign up for the Spacecraft Challenge here. Make sure your teammates sign up too (separately). We'll know you're on a team when you use the same team name. If you don't have a team yet, that's ok, please register anyway and we can work on finding you a team soon.
What is your name? *
What is your email address? *
Your correct email is very important as it will be the main way of communicating during the challenge.
What is your team name? *
Please make sure that this name is the same name as your teammates, to insure that you are grouped together. If you don't have a team yet please answer individual. (*Only alphanumeric names will be accepted. )
What payload will you be using (if known)? *
If you haven't decided on a payload yet, that's ok just mark undecided for now. Soon you and your teammates will decide on a payload as you begin to design your spacecraft.
What year are you in college?
What is your major?
How did you first hear about the femtosat challenge?
Confirmation of Eligibility *
Confirmation of Commitment *
While we try to keep the cost to a minimum, there are some things that you will need to purchase. Ultimately you (and your team) will be responsible for purchasing and taking care of these materials. Price is expected to be < $50.
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