CFCI Giftedness Referral Form
Parents/Guardians, Teachers and other Community Members can complete this form if they believe their child or a particular student is performing well above grade level or demonstrating exceptional academic and/or intellectual strengths or talents and would like this child’s performance and achievement to be reviewed to determine eligibility for giftedness.

Once this form is received, the CFCI Extension Match Team will consult and analyze test and performance data and artifacts to determine if additional information and/or assessments are warranted and if the criteria for formal identification have been met. The results of this process will be communicated to parents and all other parties involved.
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*Reminder: CFCI does not currently formally identify students gifted in grades K-3. As a school of inquiry, students' academic and intellectual gifts are nurtured in their regular education classrooms; teachers look for and collect artifacts of gifted characteristics, and learning is differentiated to meet individual student needs. ALL referrals will be shared with the classroom teachers to help best understand and meet your child's needs.
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