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This is the application form AS MENTOR for the Mentoring Program of the European Geography Association (EGEA). Any member of EGEA can apply for mentoring. If you have any questions upon the mentoring program, please just contact

Read more about the program on the webpage:

The EGEA mentoring is based on a trustful cooperation of mentors and mentees. We developed guidelines for the mentoring to assure there's a common understanding of how this partnership can work.

Disclaimer: The personally identifiable data that we are collecting through this call is collected for the purpose of managing the EGEA Mentoring Programm. This includes to create a mentor profile which will be online accessible and includes the mentor's name, the mentor's self-describtion and profile picture. By providing your personal data through this form, you are providing your consent that your data is collected for the previously stated purpose and your profile may be used for promotion for the mentoring program. The use of the information provided in the form will be in line with the purpose of the form and will not be used otherwise. Please note that all of your input contact data will only be used to contact you for admistration of the mentoring program and will be stored for at least one year on the EGEA Mentoring Program Drive. If you want us to remove your personal data before, you can request that by sending an email to

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