ExRey Android application test BOUNTY
The day has finally arrived. Beyond Seen Screen’s flagship product ExRey is available for download on the Google Play store. ExRey is a mobile app that enables you to use your smartphone or tablet to scan any video content on any screen to easily and quickly get information related to that content. All you need to do is focus your mobile device on your video content and get the information you want. It is that simple.

We are brining you a simple guide on how to get your hands around the app and start x-raying videos for some sweet new content to help us test the app and improve it based on your input.

Every participant will get 1000 BSS tokens as a reward for helping us. Tokens will be distributed to bounty participants after our ICO takes place.

Join our telegram group so you don't miss any update about our ICO: https://t.me/BeyondSeenScreen

Which device do you have? (Samsung, Pixel, Sony, Huawei, etc) *
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Which version of operation system do you have? (example: Android 7.2, Android 8.0, etc) *
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Your ETH address *
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Install ExRey app *
Please go to Google Play and install last version of our application ExRey: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tv.exrey
Read our blog post with explanation how to test the app *
Go to youtube playlist and scan a few videos *
Go to this playlist and choose some videos and scan them with an app: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHLrKshhYc2EnYV0qjkon71LP58GHil3L
What video/s did you scan? *
If you scan more videos, please mention all of them here
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What you got as an result? *
Take a screenshot of an result screen and upload it to https://imgur.com/ and put a link to the image here.
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If you have any suggestions and critics please use this question to let us know. Also, if app does not work for you, write it here.
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