ISD Tiger Logo Design (tiger head only, please)

Contest rules for original tiger-head artwork:

*All participants must be a current or former student, a current or former staff member, or the relative of a current student/staff member at Illinois School for the Deaf.

*Participants can submit their artwork (the head of a tiger) as original vector-based graphics, such as high-quality black & white digital/line art or color digital/line art.

*The design MUST be original artwork that is signed by the participant (artist).

*No clipart or images of tigers from the internet can be submitted.

*You must submit a screenshot/picture of your design to email address at the bottom of this form.

The top three designs will be determined by the committee, at which time, a survey will be sent out for a final vote. The winner will be announced at the ISD ASL Celebration on Friday, April 24, 2020. Illinois School for the Deaf will maintain ownership of the winner's artwork.

Please note: after completing this form, a copy of your form will be sent to the email address provided below. Please double check the accuracy of this information before submitting as we will not be able to contact you otherwise.
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**NOTE: You MUST use the same email address that you provided above. Any submission from an email address that does not have a coordinating form will NOT be accepted.
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